Annual Review 2014

In 2014, CDC made 19 new investment commitments totalling £296.5m. Our capital is now supporting 666 businesses in Africa and 367 businesses in South Asia. Together these businesses provide over 533,000 direct jobs.

New analysis of our portfolio shows that in 2014, businesses in CDC’s Africa and South Asia portfolio were responsible for a further 10.8 million people when indirect employment effects, such as their supply chains, wages and increased access to power and financial services were taken into account.

Among our 2014 completed investments we were particularly proud of our US$25m risk participation agreement with Standard Chartered Bank designed to expand critically needed working capital financing in Sierra Leone for companies performing essential functions in the Ebola-stricken economy. In response to the urgency of the crisis, we signed the legal agreements a matter of weeks after the initial idea was discussed.

Together with investments made in previous years, our portfolio now includes businesses providing a third of electricity generated in Côte d’Ivoire and 2 per cent of wind power generated in India; educating 1 per cent of all primary school children in Kenya; performing 150 cardiac surgeries per day in India; and producing 17 per cent of the palm oil used in the Democratic Republic of Congo. While jobs remain our core focus, this demonstrates the broad range of impact that CDC investments can achieve.

So much is happening at CDC and our Annual Review allows us to showcase a number of great examples that inspire us, particularly in the companies we support.

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