How we operate

We’re an investor with two objectives.

To support the business growth and economic stability that will enable countries to leave poverty behind.

And to make a financial return, which we reinvest to improve the lives of millions of people in Africa and South Asia.

Like other Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), we aim to increase capital flows to underdeveloped markets so countries can finance their own way out of poverty. DFIs focus on less-developed or fragile markets and on sectors most important for economic growth.

This focus means DFIs typically take more risks than commercial investors. These can include market risks such as regulatory or political uncertainty, and other risks related to the businesses themselves, such as unproven strategies or inexperienced management teams. However, DFIs are specialist investors, skilled at assessing and mitigating those risks. We often invest for longer periods – a decade or more – and focus on selecting the right management teams, raising environmental, social, and governance standards, and maximising impact.