CDC at COP26

Our team is in Glasgow for the UN Climate Change Conference from 31 October to 12 November


Investing for clean and inclusive growth

Climate is central to our mission.  Our goal is to play a meaningful role in tackling climate change, and supporting countries and communities in a successful and just transition to net zero and resilient economies.

While at COP26, we’re highlighting the role of development finance institutions in addressing the climate crisis: we’re leading three events on the formal summit agenda, speaking at events hosted by our partners and participating in bilateral meetings.

Here, you can find details of all of our COP26 events, recent climate finance investments we have made, our Emerging Economies Climate Report and stories from people leading companies we invest in.

Key data


of our annual commitments will go to climate finance


invested in climate finance in the last four years


people served by our off-grid energy investments


is the target for our portfolio to be net zero emissions

CDC Emerging Economies Climate Report 2021

“Is climate change affecting our business? You bet it is.”

– Radha Basu, CEO, iMerit, India

Climate change has the power to push 100 million people back into poverty in just over ten years, and it will hit countries in Africa and South Asia the hardest.

As an investor in businesses and funds in these countries, we wanted to get a clearer understanding of how private sector leaders in Africa and South Asia see climate change. So, we carried out a survey of senior management at businesses and investment funds in our portfolio operating across these regions. We asked questions on how climate affects their firms today, how it is influencing their future plans, and what they need from international investors – such as CDC – as well as the broader international community, as the countries they work in transition to net zero and resilient economies.

Published to coincide with COP26, you can read our findings in the Emerging Economies Climate Report.

What does aligning to the Paris Agreement look like in practice?

Last year, we launched our Climate Change Strategy, where we committed to aligning our activities to the Paris Agreement.

The strategy is made up of three building blocks:

  1. Net zero by 2050: investing for a net zero world, because investment decisions today affect emissions tomorrow.
  2. Just transition: supporting a ‘just transition’ to a net zero economy by keeping the creation of decent jobs and skills development at the forefront of the change.
  3. Adaptation and resilience: strengthening adaptation and resilience of sectors, communities, businesses and people to the effects of climate change.

Watch the video to find out how our strategy works in practice.

Investment stories

CDC is becoming British International Investment