How does it work: examples of projects



CDC Plus has supported over 100 new projects until the end of 2018 and its portfolio continues to grow. Some of the projects supported are highlighted here.


GOGLA, the gobal association for the off-grid solar energy industry, is leading the initiative to develop a Consumer Protection Code for the off-grid solar sector with the aim of safeguarding impacts and respecting rights of consumers. Through the CDC Plus market shaping project, the Consumer Protection Principles were developed and tested, and, in June 2019, adopted by GOGLA members comprising 100 off-grid solar companies around the world.

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Virunga Energy

Virunga Energy develops clean power projects which supply power to communities living in and around Virunga National Park in North Kivu, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). CDC Plus supported Virunga Energy to develop and grow its own Congolese E&S team, creating local employment opportunities and a sustainable E&S management function for the longer term.

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TheBoardroom Africa

CDC Plus supports TheBoardroom Africa to accelerate the number of women shortlisted and placed on Boards and Investment Committees across the continent. The initiative offers mentoring and coaching support, training and development, to build and sustain a pipeline of board-ready women.  In addition, TheBoardroom Africa aims to be at the forefront of developments in the field of gender diversity in leadership through thought leadership and research.

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In India, less than 10 per cent of students undergo any type of career counseling before choosing a career. Education and career counseling is unorganised in India, however awareness among students and parents is gradually increasing. Edubridge and CDC Plus chose address the growing demand by building a counselling app to address the needs of students and parents in the market. By the end of 2018 the website reached around 11,000 registrations with 8,600 tests taken.

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Nigeria Health Management Programme

With 200 million people, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. But it is also linked to some of the poorest health outcomes, accounting for 14% of maternal and 25% of new-born deaths in the world. Access to quality healthcare services is a major issue. As the public health sector suffers from chronic underinvestment, many Nigerians turn to private clinics, maternity homes and pharmacies. These health SMEs are typically run by healthcare professionals, who have never been trained to manage a business.

To address this gap, PharmAccess and Medical Credit Fund, supported by CDC Plus, developed a Health Management Program with the Enterprise Development Centre at the Pan-Atlantic University in Lagos. The certificate programme aims to build the capacity of health SMEs in areas like leadership, quality, business, finance and inventory management.

Since the start in 2018, 67 participants benefited from the programme, mostly from health SMEs serving a broad client base including lower income groups.

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Technical Assistance Insights

In July 2017, in partnership with the UK Aid Impact Programme, we published some early insights on using  technical assistance alongside our Catalyst investments. You can access the report here.