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Annual Review 2020: Rising to the challenge

Tuesday 6 July 2021 – 9:30am to 1:00pm

About this event

2020 was an extraordinary year.  The impact of the pandemic will be felt across the world, and particularly in the countries where we invest, for many years.

Our Annual Review 2020 provides an overview of our COVID response, explores how our investments are making a difference to people and planet and reflects on reflect on innovations in our approach to impact.

This event is divided into three sections. In this first part, we look back over 2020.

This event has already taken place - watch the recording here

Speakers in this session

Nick O’Donohoe

CEO, CDC Group

Sir Graham Wrigley

Chair, CDC Group

Liz Lloyd, CBE

Chief Impact Officer, CDC Group

Tenbite Ermias

Managing Director, Africa, CDC Group

Srini Nagarajan

Managing Director, Asia, CDC Group

Carolyn Sims

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer, CDC Group

Yasemin Saltuk Lamy

Deputy Chief Investment Officer and Head of Asset Allocation and Capital Strategy, CDC Group

Lynsay Taffe

Director, Communications, CDC Group

Panel discussion: Impact on people

This panel will explore our impact on people – with a focus on inclusion and quality job creation.

The discussion will also look at how innovation is helping to create opportunities and increase people’s access to goods and services in developing economies, and the impact this has on their lives.

Watch a recording of the panel discussion here

Speakers in this session

Abhinav Sinha

Head of Manufacturing and Co-Head of Technology, CDC Group

Jen Braswell

Director, Value Creation Strategy, CDC Group

Raghuram Talluri

Co-Founder and CEO, LoadShare Networks

Roshaneh Zafar

Founder and Managing Director, Kashf Foundation

Panel discussion: Impact on the planet

This panel will focus on the three building blocks of CDC’s climate strategy.

First, investments that are supporting the net zero transition, including both utility-scale renewables and off-grid investments. Second, how we’re supporting a transition to a green economy that is inclusive. And third, investments that are building resilience against the impact of climate change.

Watch a recording of the panel discussion here

Speakers in this session

Holger Rothenbusch

Managing Director and Head of Infrastructure and Climate, CDC Group

Amal-Lee Amin

Director, Climate Change, CDC Group

Anish Thakkar

Co-Founder, Greenlight Planet

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