The Africa List

A platform to convene and support the development of Africa’s next generation of business leaders.

Supporting the next CEOs in Africa

Broad based economic development cannot be stimulated by capital alone. We know from experience that it’s the quality of leadership – more than any other single factor – that determines whether or not a business succeeds.

The private sector has an instrumental role to play in Africa’s growth, but for the continent to realise its enormous potential, it needs to support the next generation of business leaders. People with the skills to capitalise on opportunities, navigate challenges and build the businesses that will help the continent thrive.

Which is why we set up The Africa List, a community of the next generation of CEOs in some of the fastest growing countries on the continent.

How The Africa List works

Launched in 2014, The Africa List now covers six countries: Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We are supporting the growth of the private sector in these next generation growth markets to help accelerate the development of an emerging cadre of business leaders. In each of these countries, we’ve identified 100 high-performing companies and asked their CEO or Chair to nominate two exceptional future leaders to join The Africa List.

The Africa List holds events in each country to bring members together to connect, share ideas and, ultimately, develop as leaders. We’ve also partnered with leading business schools
such as the Saïd Business School, and private sector organisations such as Bain & Company, to help members access leadership and management training.

The community will expand further in future, to reach Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal and Zimbabwe, amongst others.

The Africa List offers exceptional business leaders in its core markets a forum for knowledge-sharing and building relationships that will support their professional development, and equip them with the management and leadership skills necessary to lead and grow innovative organisations. The forum directly supports the development of a dynamic and collaborative business community across The Africa List’s markets, opening new possibilities for cross-border trade across Africa.

In four years, The Africa List has established itself as a vibrant community with an engaged membership base of over 700 business leaders. The programme is much more than a networking group, acting as a forum to convene insight and forward thinking that helps to inform and shape global perspectives on Africa.