pi Ventures Fund I

Pi Ventures is a venture capital firm based in India. It is focussed on investing in disruptive ideas that can solve large problems for business and consumers, using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Our investment

In 2018 CDC made a commitment of $6 million to pi Ventures.

Expected impact

The fund will invest in businesses that use artifical intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to help solve problems at scale. The unique characteristics of India such as large population base, scarce quality resources and mass tech adoption, enable such technologies to be disruptive. For example, in healthcare, AI is helping close the gap between the small number of skilled health technicians and the mass demand for cost effective diagnostic services.

Key facts

Investment type

We provide capital in three broad ways: direct equity, debt, and intermediated equity (principally through investment funds).

Intermediated investment
Fund manager:
pi Ventures

For direct investments, this is the total amount that CDC has committed to the business or project (it may be a combination of equity and debt).

For funds, this is the total amount that CDC has committed to the fund.


This is the investee company’s place of incorporation; or a fund’s jurisdiction.


Investments made by this fund

  • Active
  • Exited
Investment name Country Region Sector Start date Status
Ten3T Healthcare Private Limited December 2016 Active
Sigtuple Technologies Private Limited January 2017 Active
Niramai Health Analytix Private Limited March 2017 Active
Promoto Software Private Limited February 2018 Active
Mara Labs March 2018 Active
Sabstone Ltd (Oweme) October 2018 Active
Vidurama Inc (Frontdesk)

Vidurama operates as an artificial intelligence company offering automated, full-service backup receptionist solution to clients via messaging and voice.

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India South Asia Other consumer services February 2019 Active
Abee Research Labs (P) Lts (SwitchOn)

SwitchOn is an Industrial tech company that helps manufacturing industries identify plant-level bottlenecks and improve equipment efficiency.

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India South Asia Manufacturing May 2019 Active
Touchkin eServices Private Ltd (Wysa)

Wysa is an AI conversational agent that has been shown to help improve mental health

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India South Asia Health June 2019 Active