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Cattle Feedlot Company (CFC) is a Malawian operating company which owns three farms totalling 3,700 hectares in Malawi. This includes over 1,200 hectares of irrigated sugarcane, 335 hectares of which are run as a trust farm for local communities. 

The land is owned by an agricultural development and farm services management company with an extensive track record of managing and owning operations across Southern Africa.

Our investment

In 2017, CDC invested $5.5 million in Cattle Feedlot Company through the Impact Accelerator. Our investment will support the remedial irrigation works required on one of the farms (Kaombe), and in the longer term provide an agricultural development platform in Malawi.

Expected impact

Malawi ranked 173 out of 188 countries on the Human Development Index rankings in 2015. Agriculture is the most important sector of the economy, but the effects of climate change have been particularly pertinent, with sporadic drought and flooding leading to poor-quality soil. This has frustrated attempts to escape rural poverty.

Our investment in Cattle Feedlot will facilitate remedial works to improve the quality of the soil at Kaombe, which has faced severe salinity issues due to drought conditions, helping the farm remain commercially productive for future agricultural activities. This will ensure that up to 85 permanent staff and up to 150 seasonal workers remain employed.

We will work with the owners to develop a long-term strategy and business plan for the farm with the aim of providing support for further smallholder ventures in Malawi. 

Remedial waterworks have already been completed at Kaombe, including a canal, pipeline and drainage works, improving irrigation at the farm and supporting the provision of water for smallholders in the local community.

Environmental and social aspects

Kaombe is adjacent to a protected wetland, so in addition to support on the farm’s environmental and social action plan, we are supporting the company through our technical assistance facility to implement a comprehensive environmental and social management system, and water and soil monitoring related to the remedial works.

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