Supporting a fast-growing Indian logistics company

Ecom Express is a leading Indian tech-enabled logistics company that we invest in. The business' Co-Founder, Manju Dhawan, explains what working with CDC is like.


The view from our partners

Ecom Express is renowned for its safe and reliable nationwide express delivery services for the e-commerce industry reaching over 1.2 billion people daily.

We first invested in Ecom Express in 2019 and to date we have made a total equity investment of $56 million.

Over the last three years, Ecom Express has tripled its volumes and revenues, and its growth is helping to meet the high demand for jobs in India.

We’ve worked with Manju Dhawan, Co-Founder, since our first investment, and sat down with her to discuss the drivers behind the company’s rapid growth and what it’s like having CDC as a partner.

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'Turning vision into reality'

Manju says that as an investor CDC quickly understood the business needs of the company and the market it operates in.

“We are indeed very grateful to CDC for their partnerships and continued support that has helped us in translating our vision into reality,” she adds.

So far our investment has helped the company to create 23,000 new jobs in line with its expansion needs.

And our most recent commitment to Ecom, made in March 2021, will support Ecom Express in advancing the company’s sustainable development and impact agenda of enhancing skills and boosting job creation in the Indian hinterlands as it continues to expand.

“Our alliance with CDC has been extremely beneficial to us. The team has always been extremely supportive and given us immense guidance in terms of how to develop our business, grow and create successful impact as well.”

We are now working with Manju and the Ecom Express team to support the company’s expansion further into South Asia.

Find out more about our partnership with Ecom Express in this video.

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