Our approach as an investor. 

A long-term investor

We invest from our own balance sheet which means that we can take a long-term and flexible approach where needed. We’re able to stand firm with businesses through hard times, because we know success can take time. 

A responsible investor

We know from experience that it takes more than money to grow a great business. So we also invest our time and expertise in environmental, social, and business integrity issues. We can lead and dedicate specific resources to work in these areas and can assist in bringing a project or business up to international standards.

Commercially minded

Fast and responsive, we take a commercial view of pricing and risk analysis. We have weekly investment committees and a streamlined approval process.

A credible brand

We are the world’s first development finance institution and have a strong brand in Africa and South Asia. The presence of a development finance institution as a business investor also provides indirect political risk insurance to other investors.