What we invest in

​Investing in sectors where growth leads to jobs​.

We prioritise sectors where growth leads to jobs – our decision-making process ranks sectors based on their likelihood of creating jobs.

Our investment teams include product and sector specialists who look for businesses with the greatest potential for impact, whether through their ability to grow and create jobs, to address a lack of enabling infrastructure, to increase efficiency, or to increase opportunities for the poorer parts of society.

These priority sectors are:

Financial services

We’ve gained considerable experience in this sector working with non-bank speciality finance institutions in South Asia. We now plan to adopt a similar strategy in some of the harder markets across Africa. Supply-chain finance for small enterprises and affordable housing financing are two other areas of interest. 


Our focus has been on the power sector, though we are beginning to look at two other critical types of infrastructure: transport, and oil and gas infrastructure. We also lend to support telecommunications infrastructure.


We aim to support specific types of companies, including innovative providers bringing new treatments to market; those finding new ways to serve poorer groups by reducing costs; or medical education providers that can train substantial numbers of healthcare professionals. We’re also interested in healthcare providers that can expand into poorer regions.


We invest in both manufacturing businesses and ‘enabling’ businesses, such as industrial parks and logistics companies. We tend to invest directly in larger businesses, and through banks or funds to reach smaller enterprises. 

Food and agriculture

One of our priorities is supporting businesses that will meet the rising domestic demand for food in Africa and South Asia. We support the best-quality management teams in the market and invest in commercially sustainable country and sub-sector pairings that can have a real impact on development.

Construction and real estate

Our focus for new investments is on affordable housing and logistics. We also support large-scale urban development projects and construction projects in the retail and hospitality sectors.


We focus on companies that lower prices or improve quality. We’re particularly interested in new ideas that provide more affordable education and can be replicated at scale. We are also interested in supporting companies that work with governments to improve the quality of public sector education. 

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