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Virunga Energy is a hydro-electric power business in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), backed by the UK charity, Virunga Foundation. It provides clean electricity to communities living in and around Virunga National Park in North Kivu, Eastern Congo.

CDC’s investment will support the development of the electricity grid and the construction of two new plants, resulting in almost 30 megawatts (MW) of new generation.

Our investment

In 2016, CDC committed up to $9 million to Virunga Energy, through the Impact Accelerator.

Our loan was the first commercial capital for the project, which until that time had received only grant funding.

Expected impact

North Kivu suffers from a chronic lack of electricity: its 3 per cent electrification rate compares to 17 per cent nationally. Local industry runs on expensive diesel, or on charcoal that is made from trees illegally felled inside the park (providing a major source of income for armed groups).

Reliable electricity supply from Virunga is expected to boost business activity to provide sustainable livelihoods. In turn, it is hoped that this will provide an attractive alternative for at-risk youth through skills development and employment opportunities. This was the first concession agreement under the liberalised energy law introduced in 2014 (CDC funded legal support to Virunga for this process).

By the end of 2017, over 4,000 customers had been connected to Virunga’s grid, including households, small to medium-sized enterprises and social infrastructure.

New businesses are being formed and several customers have moved their operations to access Virunga’s power. Public lighting has been provided for the first time in villages close to one of Virunga’s plants, increasing safety.

Environmental and social aspects

We helped Virunga to implement good international industry practice (GIIP) for environmental and social (E&S) management.

Virunga has made good progress and we continue to support the company in this area, including through a grant-funded programme to help build and train Virunga’s E&S team.

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